About Us

RecipeZazz.com is a website that provides members the ability to share recipes and engage with other members within a social network. While the market is flooded with advertising opportunities, there are only a few recipe sharing websites with an active community of members. This provides advertisers with a loyal and dedicated demographic of affluent, college educated adult women who are ready to purchase products and services.

RecipeZazz is a rather young start-up company that is quickly gaining traction in the digital media arena. We launched in 2011. Our second phase website was launched in first quarter 2013 and has over 100,000 page views per month. We currently provide our advertisers with an entry cost point for advertising that would otherwise not be available while still reaching a very specific demographic and target market.


Benefits of Advertising

  • We are still small enough to offer big time savings in advertising dollars but impactful enough to reach the right demographic for your brand.
  • We have a very engaged committed consumer base who love everything to do with recipes.
  • Our demographic of intellegent women love to share brand knowledge and extend their influence beyond RecipeZazz.com through our social media channels and beyond.
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