The average site visitor is an adult female who has higher education and is affluent.'s audience also likes:

  • home/family
  • parenting
  • home & gardening
  • home decor & design
  • commerce - food
  • bridal
  • discount
  • diet & fitness
  • fragrances/cosmetics
  • food
  • home furnishing
  • hobbies & collectibles
  • healthcare
  • baby

The above is an idicator of the products/brands that would appeal to this demographic.

Benefits of Advertising

  • We are still small enough to offer big time savings in advertising dollars but impactful enough to reach the right demographic for your brand.
  • We have a very engaged committed consumer base who love everything to do with recipes.
  • Our demographic of intellegent women love to share brand knowledge and extend their influence beyond through our social media channels and beyond.

Quick Stats

Returning Visitors

  • 8.6 pages per visit
  • 8.5 minutes on site
  • 42% Bounce Rate

Interpretation's returning members are engaged. They post recipes, review and rate other member's recipes, participate on the community forums and enjoy posting quality photos of foods and recipes. 

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